Sunday, 5 June 2016

Zoeva Cosmetics: Nude Spectrum Palette

Sephora 20% Sales going on hence I can't miss out and so I bought Zoeva...It's a beauty. NO, I DO NOT FEEL GUILTY for spending.
Zoeva Cosmetics launched their "Spectrum Collection" which consist of eyeshadow and blush palettes on 11th January 2016 (I silently prayed and wish for a sales and it did). This particular palette that I bought, Nude Spectrum is derived from the beauty of the desert, mesmerizing Earth toned and subtle sandy shades with iridescent hues waft shimmering effects on lids just like a mirage in the Sahara desert.
It cost S$59 ($38USD) but with 20% it's only S$47.20. Truth? Their original price is consider cheap as compare to palette such as Urban Decay Naked Palette which cost S$83 with only 10 shadows.
I do LOVE their packaging. It is a thin black matte cardboard palette. The material that they used which is a matte finishing surface with minimal rose gold letterings and holographic designs on it gave it a classy feel. I do know many doesn't really care much about their packaging design but I do...I just can't kick my designer habit away. I have a sweaty palm hence it will look grubby after use. It appears that the design is to be opened more like a book.
zoeva 4
Oh, they are manufactured with no parabens, mineral oils, fragrances and phthalates. Best of all, they are animal cruelty FREE! I am trying to use products that is cruelty free for years now. It's a struggle.
zoeva 1
It comes in 15 shades and each pan cost only S$3.93(o.o5oz). There's a mix of matte, metallic and satin shades in every eyeshadow palette. Don't worry, I'm going to collect them all, one at a time.
zoeva 2
I chose specifically Nude Palette because it's suitable for everyday wear be it morning or night, very classy brown nude shades. However I wish they should have switch the black with an even darker brown or muddy brown colour because there's black in almost every palettes that I own and I find that not much people using it. There isn't a mirror or a brush with the palette. The names of each shade is printed in a small letter above pan.
zoeva 3
It took me a week to finally to dip into the palette. I just can't bear to destroy it. Swatches are swipe without primer and it's from top right to bottom left (photo as above).
NS 1
NS 2NS 3NS 4NS 5
I was surprise when I first touch it. It indeed is very velvety smooth, soft and seamless. They are extremely pigmented and it glides on like a butter.
ND030 is the only shadows where it's patchy. ND130 and ND140 looks really similar. It will be better if they have a wider colour variation. I too hope they do have names for each shades instead of numbers, because one of the blush palette in Spectrum Collection shares the same numbers as this nude spectrum eyeshadow palette. Other than that I have not much of a complain.
Zoeva Cosmetics Full Face
Brushes is able to pick up the product really easily and they blend well. Downside of having such pigmentation shades is that they have bits of fallout but it's not as much as Lorac's.
Zoeva Cosmetics Eyes Only
I used ND150 and ND050 on my crease and ND090 on the main lid. Shadows applied really easily without any effort at all. I forgot to mention that ND100 is used on inner corner.

PS: There will be video(s) coming up in Mid June because I have already schedule the rest of my videos. The video will be about this look.

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