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Colour Correcting Concerns?!

Do read through my Colour Theory post to have a basic understanding of colours.
Ever had the moment when you put on your foundation or concealer you still visibly able to see the redness or the dark circles perhaps you're still looking dull. Chances that you will pack on more products onto your face and it became one inch thick of makeup. Imagine that, you have to spend a lot more on your makeup base, look cakey at the end of the day and still it's not going to cover up everything.
thick makeup
Colour correcting is amazing if you have a discoloration on your face that REALLY* needs to be address. Many companies make colour corrector way BEFORE colour correction hype in the social media. Let's face it, it has been in makeup industry for years and this is NOT a new trick.
Peach/Salmon Colour Concealer
benefit-erase-pasteThis orangey base shade is great for cancelling out the dark circles as it has a mixture of red, orange and yellow to counter act blue, purplish and sometimes a bit greenish under eye dark circles.
Orange Concealer
nyx orange concealer
This true orange base shade is suitable for coloured ladies. Same theory as salmon shade concealer but a higher concentration of red, orange and yellow to cancel out a darker blue and purple dark circles.
Yellow Concealer
Mars Yellow Concealer
This yellow concealer is more suitable for fair skin ladies. Works the same way as orange concealer but lighter in colour. It is great for brightening especially for medium to tan skin tone ladies.
Purple Concealer
purple primer
Purple helps to cancel out yellowish undertone and brighten up the face. However you can just get a purple primer instead. It works great as it won't have a purple hue peeking out under the foundation if you didn't blend out well.
Green Concealer
green concealer
Green is suitable for people who has skin condition such as rosacea. It helps to minus out the redness and it's better to use a green primer instead.
In my opinion, you can just get a salmon colour correction concealer for those serious dark circles. No one really needs to colour correct that much in the first place. Don't be fool by instagram "artists" makeup looks. However I do suggest you to grab a colour correcting primer instead. They offer colour correction and brightness WITHOUT any discolouration to the surrounding skin. They are amazing and too helps to prolong the wear of foundation. Needless to say you put on less layer of products and save a tad bit of money.

MUFE Primer

1: Mattifying Base - Shine Control
2: Smoothing Base - Pore Filler
3: Hydrating Base - Hydrating
4: Nourishing Base - Hydrating and richer in texture which is also suitable for sensitive skin user
5: Redness Correcting Base - Cancel out redness
6: Purple Radiant Primer - Illuminates muddy complexions and minimizes yellow tones
7: Blue Radiant Primer - Illuminates fair skin and minimizes slight redness
8: Yellow Radiant Primer - Illuminates medium and tan skin tones
9: Peach Radiant Primer - Illuminates light and medium skin tones
10: Caramel Radiant Primer - Adding brightness for tan and dark skin tones
11: Pink Radiant Primer - Brighten a yellow complexion
If you are into silicon base primer, Smashbox cosmetics manufacture them.
Now you know which colour correction primer to use and what you now need to know is how to use them which is very easy.
  • Start off with a clean face
  • Morning skincare routine
  • Use a hydrating/mattifying primer
  • Then use a colour corrector primer (you can skip the previous steps)
  • Foundation
  • Setting Powder
I hope this post helps you in choosing your right colour correction primer.

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