Sunday, 5 June 2016

Unboxing Meme Box

Seen this pink boxes before?memeboxOr maybe I should wrote it as "Seen this eye-catching pink before?" either way pink is really an eye-catching color.
This will be my LAST order from them since they do not want to serve the rest of the world's customer beside USA, Korea and China. Their reason being was, they cannot cope with the amount of orders from the world hence they ditch us all beside that 3 countries.
I ordered this particular memebox was because of 1 product. I have a severe case of eczema on my neck. It is hideous. Once the weather turn bad, that's when I will be suffering. No matter amount of cooling gel, aloe vera or mint on my neck it still itches, A TON. And it will cause scars and dark pigments too.
So I ordered this after reading a couple of review of the product.memeboxYes, that's my puppy, giving me that facial expression - WTF? This pink hot mess cost me $40USD. I was sent 5 full size products exclude of a free BB cream, total of 6. I am so not looking forward having BB cream. I rather they send me something else.memeboxI actually do like their box but not that color. My favorite's orange by the way. In fact, I am not very excited for this parcel because they have decided to ditch the rest of the world for just 3 countries order. Hire more man power?memeboxUpon unboxing, this is how it looks like. I have no interest in Etude House Scrub Massage to begin with.memeboxSo this is what I got. Korean Beauty Starter Set #4: Glowing Skin Secrets. I hope it can make me GLOWWWWW better yet glow in the dark. etude house Etude House Scrub Massage Yogurt in Raspberry and Sugar Apple. 14ml with the price value at $2USD. I know I can get a cheaper price from elsewhere. MD Tea Tree Soft LotionMD Tea Tree Soft Lotion. 50ml with the price value at $46USD. I never seen or heard of this brand until now. Despite the price, this bottle is made of plastic and very cheap looking. When I saw the photo, I thought it was glass bottle. Why gangnam? Was this lab from gangnam? Just curious. secret natureSecret Nature from Jeju Serum. 50ml with the price tag of $36. Once again, I never heard of this brand but I do know about Jeju Island. Innisfree is famous for it's Jeju Island products. Asia Hawaii Island off South Korea, so they say. Damn I want to be there for ages. Their fresh seafood, seeing those grandma divers diving in action  and visit one of their anti gravity road. Curious about that road? They have a stretch of road to the mountain where you pour a bottle of water it will flow uphill instead of downhill. If you just stop the car along that road, it will move on it's own uphill. Very amazing place. blackbee  Black Bee Kkuleansing. 150ml with the price of $38USD. I can get it less than $30USD. They sure mark up the price real high. I will ONLY buy memebox from them since it's cheaper than me buying 1 single product from them. This has a very good review. Can't wait to try it out.RappolRappol Aqua Gel Cream. 100g at $34USD. This is the product I am aiming for. Heard it's good for skin irritation and helps to sooth sensitive skin. dr gGowoonsesang Dr G BB cream. 45ml that cost $24. I hate korean bb cream because it NEVER has a variety of skin tone color.
This box is worth $180 but they are selling only at $40 with free shipping. Do understand that they don't ship all memebox for free. GOODBYE MEMEBOX. I will not miss you.
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