Sunday, 5 June 2016

Know Your Undertone!

I have to study COLOURS in my tertiary years. To be honest this helps me out a lot. It saves me from a ton of trouble. Hence knowing your undertone colour helps you to pick the suitable ones in a blink of an eye. In short, it just makes your life easier, choosing of foundation color, wardrobe, hair color etc...and of course avoid mistake.
So what is undertone?
Your skin’s surface tone is the color that is often described as light, medium and tan etc. Your skin’s undertone is the color underneath the surface. You can have the same skin color as someone, but a different undertone.
There are three classifications for undertones: Warm, Cool, and Neutral.
  • Warm – Golden/Yellow/Peachy undertones
  • Cool – Pink/Blue/Red undertones
  • Neutral – Mix of warm and cool undertones colours
So how do you determine which one you are?
It's easy and simple. Just put out your hand and look at your wrist and check it in a natural lighting state. Look at your veins and what do you see?
  • Warm undertone: Green Veins
green veins
  • Cool undertone: Blue/Purple Veins
cool undertone
    • Neutral undertone: A mixture of Green and Blue Veins
neutral veins
For my colored friends:
If you see more of Yellow and Green veins - Warm undertone
If you see more of Blue veins - Cool undertone
If you see Blue and Green veins - Neutral undertone
Colour of the skin can change due to factors such as sun exposure, which is why some of us are lighter during winter and darker during summer. However our undertone will still remain the same.
Another way to determine your undertone is by what I like to call is the "White Test".
  • Stand in a natural lighting environment
  • Have a fresh face, without makeup or skincare
  • Take a white towel and drape it around your face
undertone test
If your face appears or look yellow - Warm.
If your face appears or look blue - Cool.
Go for the next stage of test if you still can't tell which undertone you are and that is the "Jewelry Test".
  • Take a gold and silver jewelry
gold silver test
If Gold compliment your skin better - Warm.
If Silver compliment your skin better - Cool.
If you can wear both - Netural.
Sadly, if you still can't tell which undertone..."Head For The Beach Test".
beach test
If you tan easily - Warm.
If you burn easily - Cool.
If...only if you still can't tell...(I'm gonna face palm myself here) this is one of the last resort that I can provide.
  • Take a photo of yourself WITHOUT makeup and skincare
  •  Place it over my gorgeous looking face down below
cool and warm palette
Whichever blends or looks better with your skin is your undertone. Can you tell which is mine? Even I had makeup on (because I just can't find any of my bare face photo) it's pretty easy to tell.
If you blends in with warm colour (left), you are warm undertone.
If you blends in with cool (right), you are cool undertone.
If you are either/neither, you are neutral.
I've learn another trick which is to use red and blue color. Look at the photo down below, which colour suit me more? Which colour doesn't make me look ashy? Which colour blends with me better?
red and blue
I tan easily. I have green veins as shown on the photo above and I blend and look better with/in red colour. I don't look dull instead I look much flattering with red colour hence I have warm undertone. yellow_caution_sign_And my VERY last resort if you still can't tell which undertone you are...
  • Take the photo as above and show it to your friend and ask them which looks better.
  • Ask your friend to look at your veins.
  • Ask your friend which gold/silver jewelry looks good on you.
  • Get your eyes check.
Even you are a pale skin tone person that doesn't mean you have cool undertone and it goes the same for tan skin tone person. It doesn't meant they are warm undertone. Lastly NOT all asians are warm undertone because of their yellowish cast skin.
I hope this post has help and give you information on how to determine your undertone.
I will cover which undertone suits which colour in the next post. Cheers!

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