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What's my Colourpop Lippie Stix?

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colourpop lippix sticks
I am soooo happy that I have finally finally finally jumped onto the Colourpop Cosmetics bandwagon! Heeeeehaaaa!
Today it's gonna be LIPPIE STIX SWATCHES! I am so excited about it. I am so obsessed about Colourpop. They were known for selling all their products at $5 until they release their cheek products. I can't wait to get my hands on it!
Usually I always always always always stay far away from drugstore products partly because of the quality. They tend to be very patchy and dry with tons of fallout(for eyeshadows). However this affordable is different. I've bought 8 lippie stixs and 8 lip pencils which cost me $80usd. I can foresee myself getting their whole collection - one day. As per my previous post, I know many of my friends will go "WHAT? HAVEN'T YOU HAD ENOUGH?". I'm sorry but I'm not sorry! WAHAHAHAAS.  colourpop lippie stixThis is how their packaging looks like. Stickers are pasted onto it labeling either lippie stix or lippie pencil. They too either paste a sticker to indicate the name of the products or printed on the packaging itself but I wonder why didn't they do that to their eyeshadow collections. Inside every single packaging contains a paper of the ingredients for the product which I forgot to show. There are 5 different finishes, Glossy, Hyper Glossy, Pearlized, Satin and Matte. I only bought Matte and Satin for myself since I like these finishes best.packagingGreen internal for lippie stix and pencil. I really love these bright colours.single lippix stickThey came in a white twist up tube. I really love their packaging as I wrote in my first post. They are sleek and fit easily into a purse, very travel and space friendly if that makes any sense. Plus it can be store like an eyeliner pencil in our vanity. Not on your usual lipstick stand.
lippie pencilColours of the lip pencil is printed at the end of it for easy identification. This is not the twist up lip pencil. You do have to sharpen it.
Colour and name of lippie stix are printed at the bottom along with the type of finishes too. At least I won't have to open every single one of them if I can't remember.
morning swatches
This is taken at 12 noon with natural lighting without any lip pencil. It glides on very smoothly without tagging my lip. As shown in the photo, colours are opaque.  My advise is to exfoliate the lip before applying for the best result so that it doesn't fall into the lines. Every lippie stix is pair up with matching lippie pencil, very remarkable. Even without lipliner, it doesn't bleed and faint. Pretty much every lippie pencil has the same colour as their lippie stix aside from the nude. Some of the nude are a tad darker than their lippie sitx but I think they do complement each other.
The lippie stix has a very faint scent. I smelled either vanilla or a fresh play dough and don't quote me on the scent. They are very creamy hence making it easy to glide it on and it feel hydrating too.
lumiereLumiere: Created by Kathleen Lights. Matte finish. It looks like a rich neutral mauve shade. It doesn't seemed too dark neither too bright. Very creamy texture and pigmentation is real awesome. Despite it being matte, it is not drying.
Frida: Created by Coffee with Dani. Satin finish. Perfect pink, peach and nude hybrid. Warm tone. Easy to match on with any looks. It is creamy and hydrating. Pigmentation is opaque. My most favorite lippie stix of all.
Brink: Matte finish. A warm neutral pinky shade. One or two shade darker than Frida. Some say it is a dupe for Kylie Jenner's famous lip colour. As usual, creamy and hydrating. Not forgetting it is opaque. Do I have to repeat this every time?
Button: Satin finish. A neural pinky peach tone. Much peachy than Frida and lighter than Brink. Opaque. When I was swatching it, the very tip of the lippie broke on me. As you can tell, it is VERY creamy.
chi chi
Chi Chi: Satin finish. An orange lippie with a hint of red in it. Creamy. Hydrating. Pigmentation is awesome.
Rocket: Satin finish however it looks matte too. It's hot pink but less hot. The tip broke when I first swatched. It was way worse than Button. It can still apply but just not that precise. Luckily Colourpop able to send a new one to me for free.
fetchFetch: Satin finish. A tone that's darker than Rocket. A warmer pink tone.
Brunch: Satin finish. A warm reddish coral shade. I cannot decide which I like more Brunch or Fetch.
night warm light
Taken under warm lighting. Those little square are lippie pencil swatches and the rest are layered over lippie pencil. And I ordered BFF lip liner. Even the pencil glides on quite smoothly and easily.
night cool light This is taken under day lighting. Colours didn't change much. Sometimes photos can be deceiving hence I'm exploring how these colours changes under different lighting. Some of the swatches I saw on site and I tried it myself seemed different.
There's one more thing that I want to highlight. Look at the photo below.
6hrs apartI wiped it off after about 6hours of wear. Only those reddish colour stains. Plus this is without lipliner!
Their cheek colours cost $8usd each. If you are a blush hoarder you cannot miss this. And they too release Spring Collection as I'm typing now. SOOO PRETTY. I must thank Yang Pach for it. Wooooohooo!

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