Sunday, 5 June 2016

All About Colourpop!

Hey people! Welcome back!
Guess that you guys all heard of COLOURPOP? If not, read this. Good quality product comes with a...DRUMROLL price! Can't imagine that huh?
I am so into them not because they are in the hype but I am into their pretty awesome quality. Those who knew me well knows that I am ALL ABOUT quality, I cannot highlight that enough. I always buy products with good quality payoff. Oh, I too support indie brand(s)! They need our love.
This badass lippies and shadows comes in a zillion shades and did I mention they too have lip pencils that matches their lippies? EVERY single one of them are paired with a lip pencil. How thoughtful are they? And I am SOOO jealous that residents in USA has free shipping of $30USD and above. However they only shipped to Canada, New Zealand and Australia currently. It pissed me off badly. Why can't they ship to anywhere else too? I'm hoping they can have free shipping for international of $50USD and above, maybe.
Okay, back to Colourpop...They have a tons of vivid, colorful, and loud shadows and lippies at a rock bottom prices, $5 each. Can't hurt my wallet much, which is a good thing for me AND AND AND AND not forgetting they are CRUELTY FREE! OH YEAH! Why not support them? They too reached out to a few of beauty gurus to collaborate, not much brands would do this and by collaborating with these people who we are all familiar and closer with makes me feel that they are trying to connect with us "peasants". Maybe peasants isn't the right word but I can't think of any other words right now, but you do get what I meant.
To be honest, I like their lippie packaging much more than M.A.C's. It's sleek and less bulky, by less bulky I mean it's slimmer. Easy to carry around anywhere, colors and names are printed at the end for easy identification needless of me to open every single bullet to check the colours of the lippie, save tons of hassle and time. They are easy to apply and glide on smoothly only AFTER you exfoliated. So be sure to exfoliated before usage! These lippies stick has a faint scent but it doesn't bother me.
Nothing is perfect. I do realized that some of their packaging colours lippies doesn't reflect the true colours of the lipstick itself. It might confuse some people, like me. Not a huge problem that is. On the side note, they don't really provide a lot of photos of their lippie stixs on their website but I am glad that they took in effort to swatch it on different skin tone and show it to us all on site. Some colours on the web itself doesn't show the true colours, just for the heads up.
colourpop lippix sticks
They are very pigmented and very creamy. It stay on me for maybe 1-2 hours without reapplying. I often had this problem with lipstick that doesn't last, it wears off after 1 drink. I am grateful that I don't encounter this problem much with Colourpop. They are creamy hence it's not drying and lucky enough they don't bleed.
single lippix stick
As for the lip liner, they are not mechanical pencil neither it can be twisted, they do need to be sharpen. They too glide on smoothly without tagging on my lips. Some of their lip pencils are darker than the lippie stix but they do complement each other.
colourpop shadows
Eyeshadows are pack in singles afraid that they might dry out if they are packed in a bundle without screw on lids. Formula is very creamy and soft like a pressed pigmented with a hint of a spongy consistency. It does reminds me of Makeup Geek's foiled eyeshadows - a hybrid between powder and cream and set as powder. To be honest I am so grateful that it has no fallout, say goodbye to panda's eye.
Now I can't wait for the rest of my colourpop to arrive. Shall upload more of the photos in next post.