Sunday, 5 June 2016

Tips & Tricks on How To Box Swap!

Swapping is fun when you chose the right swapper to swap with. To me this is too about making friends. I made a lot of new friends too and they are pretty awesome.
  • Know that person first
If she's new, chat with her. Know her personality and character.
If she's a veteran, check with the past swappers she had swapped with, better yet ask them for photos.
Only swap with the person that you feel comfortable with. Make sure she is active in the group that you are in with her.
    • Set a theme
Do you want to have snacks? Or you prefer to have cosmetic products? Perhaps you just want $10 worth of snacks and $40 worth of cosmetics products. Or $10 worth of snacks, $20 worth of cosmetics and $20 worth of skincare.
  • Set a limit
You do want to set an amount and currency. For first timer, I suggest to only do $20-50USD swap. Doing a swap is to get items that you do not have. Do some research on their local brands. Why would you want her to get you L'oreal when you can buy it from your side? I do understand IF it's seriously cheap and you use a lot. Another unspoken rule is, do not UNDERSPEND.
  • Be practical
If you set an amount of $100USD, don't expect her to send you 10 high end items. Have a list of items that you wish to have. Best way to show her is through pinterest. Pin up as many as you can so that she can choose and buy those from your list. While she is looking through the list, she can too have an idea of what you might like.
  • Set a date to mail it out together
You may have set an amount to swap with BUT the budget does not include of mailing. Do set another amount aside for mailing. You too do want to register it as a registered mail as that both party can track the parcel and IF things happened, there's evident too. I would also suggest to keep the receipt too. If the parcel is lost or damage you may claim it from your local post office.
  • Always communicate
Swapping is based on trust. However you can prevent or spot a swap lifter. One is to communicate often. Another is to ask her for a photo of your items or nicely packed parcel with your address on it.
  • Don't be cheap
Do not send the other party all low end items and expect high end products. You will be blacklisted once she open your parcel. Do not send her used, overdue, samples or fake items.
  • Ask her questions
Ask her what's her likes and dislikes. You do not want to receive things you do not like to have so is she. Or she might have allergic problem you might need to take note of.
    • This is about giving too
Fingers crossed, it's also about receiving! If you do go ahead with the swap, remember to only put in the money or energy you can afford to lose.
  • Don't swap if you're low on money
Unless you are only going to send post card or letters.
  • Do not use it as business
You do not want to resell the items she specifically got for you. It is rude. Unless you ask her for permission, have mutual respect.
  • Do some research
Some items can't be sent such as nail polish or alcohol. You may need to double check if you are going to send it especially to UK, they have stricter rules.

Swapping is easy. Follow all these tips and you should have no problem in it! Have fun swapping!

PS: I will post which are the high and low end items on next post!
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