Sunday, 5 June 2016

Say NO to Wrinkles and Aging!

A nature for women to fight against aging and wrinkles. That's the first sign of being old. Who wants to look old? Life long battle against nature. So you should learn about this product, it will become your best friend.
What is Retinol?
It is Vitamin A and can also be known as Retinoic Acid.
What does Retinol do?
It helps to reduce the appearance of pore size, fine lines and deep wrinkles. They too help in fading of age spots.
Why it is effective?
It helps to increase making of collagen in our skin and also to stimulate new blood vessels giving our skin a rosy appearance. More collagen equals to firmer skin. It also function as an antioxidant which helps to terminate chain reactions that may damage cells further. Vitamin A is like a loudspeaker and sergeant, in this case a cell communicating ingredients. It helps to call out and connect other skin cells and make them work together and also to behave properly.
Wait! It can reduce appearance of pores? 
Yes. It can helps to unclog the pores, allowing other medicated creams to work better. It also helps to reduce acne outbreaks because it can prevent dead cells from clogging.
And No. It can only reduce the pores where it have enlarge BUT cannot change the size of pores you were given due to genetics.
Side Effects?
It can cost irritation and redness to some and there will be some peeling happening. If it starts to irritate, put on an even smaller amount and mix it with your moisturizer. And irritation still occur, stop using it. You are sensitive to it and need a mild potency treatment than others.
There will be peeling?
Yes. Retinoids work at a much more profound level by affecting gene expression and causing enhanced collagen production, skin smoothing, and evening out of pigmentation. It is a natural part of the healing process however you might not even notice it.
What to do if peeling occurs?
You can slab on some moisturizer, olive oil or aloe vera to sooth and hydrate the skin. Always hydrate your skin, no matter what.
How to use Retinol?
You can apply Retinol every 3rd night and if there's no sign of irritations or dryness, switch your routine to every 2nd night. So if you are someone like me, who doesn't have any dryness or flaky skin, you are good to go for every night.
What you need to know about Retinol?
  • ONLY buy Retinol if it's packaged in an opaque tube. Vitamin A will lose effects once they exposure with air or light.
  • Be sure to wear SPF if you're going to use Retinol in the day (Back to Point 1).
  • Do not expect to see result ASAP. They need time to produce noticeable result, normally 12 weeks.
Where to get Retinol?
You can buy them from dermatologist or you can get a less concentrated ones from pharmacy. I got mine while I was in Malaysia Watsons for RM115/30ml.

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