Sunday, 5 June 2016

How To Deal With Haters

I have people asking me how I'm able to deal with "this". Hence I've decided to write a post on it.
No matter how well or how much you do, there's bound to be a hater. There will always be one. The one who make fun of us, who gossip, who tease, who stalks, who backstab, who frighten, who threaten or who ruin your reputation. The truth is that you can't please everyone. No one can.
Sometimes it is worse, you might get death threats, legal threats or sometime it is easy, they can only bitch about you. I do know one hater who hates me so much that she can only bitch about me to the friends she's close with. I actually do know what she said about me and I too laugh at the things she said. Pretty much people who knows about me knows that I am not what she said I am.
Most haters are just invisible, anonymous and tries to get in your head because this is what they do best. This is their only method of having human connection. To be honest, I feel sad for them. Their life being a keyboard warrior and a coward. They look for the smallest mistake you made and then lodge an attack. Always deny your success and express negativity towards you and will never acknowledge your accomplishments.
keep-calm-cause-haters-gonna-hateThis is the ways I deal with these
muthafuckers haters. It is simple. It is a lot easier said than done but it will be easier after your first step.
IGNORE THEM. I cannot cap this enough. Period.
They want your attention. They want you to go crazy. They want to get in your head. They want to see your failure. They want to see your negativity. They want to be the bogeymen. They want to be the slender man. They want to find reason(s) and nip into the cracks and hate you. They want a respond from you when they hurt you.
What you can do here is to throw all these comments behind your ass. Yes I wrote ass. These comment(s) is worthless. Why remember? Why think of it? Why be the one they want you to be? Why would you want to go along with them? What's the point in getting hurt by something someone said that you can't even do anything about it? Why do you want to be that unhappy?
It's all about them.
They have something going on in their lives that is bringing up a fear. They indulge the fear by having an anger towards you and they project their own fear onto you. For a brief moment, you become the monster that has been hiding onside of them. OR maybe they just hate you for no reason.
Hence it is none of your business on what and how someone thinks something of you. You can't control their thoughts. You can't control their action. You can't control them at all. They can live their own life by hating you and you don't have to go alongside and fearing them. How do you even fight with someone who is a backstabber or an anonymous? End of the day you live your life. They won't be there with you forever. You're moving forward while they remain stuck. And that brings me to point 3.
It is about you too.
Remember the hater I was telling you guys about? Bitching about me to her friends and saying untrue things.
I too had a hater in my younger days. She spread rumors about me and makes someone who is very influence and in the same class as me hates me. But days went by and she knew me better and guess what? That girl who is in the same class as me backs me up when the hater bitch about me. She knows I am not the type of person that hater said I am.
Why am I not going to have my revenge? Well the answer is pretty much simple, I don't want to scoop as low as her and I won't and I never will. Have you heard of this saying? Once a bitch always a bitch. Maybe the word "bitch" is too overrated in this post but this is the truth. Don’t try to think of a witty comeback to embarrass them. In the end, haters always manage to embarrass themselves without any help. Plus they don't even deserve your time and energy.
My question is...When will this circle ends if we continue to stab at each other? The answer is - There's no end to the circle. Be the bigger man or woman that is.
A third.
What do I meant about 1/3?
1/3 hates you. 1/3 doesn't care. 1/3 loves you.
Which means you should do what you love. You should do the best you can. You should try to do the things that will help you improve every day. And when bad comments come, just put them in that 1/3 bucket where it belongs, a like trash. And it brings me to point 5.
The lovers.
Don't be afraid. Those who loves you will help you. They will support you. Focus your energy and time on your love ones instead. They are the one who will walk down the path of life with you. Love is stronger. Love is bigger. Love is selfless. Love unconditionally.
Don't forget, what goes round comes round. They will have karma. It may not happen now but it will happen later because I've seen it myself before.
But once in a while I like to show them my fingers. Shake it off. Shake it off.