Sunday, 5 June 2016

Japan Snack Haul Unboxing!

Welcome back to my Japan Snack Haul Unboxing!
I'm excited man.
Do check out the video down below and see what I've got.


This is the link to get awesome snacks:
Code: 173781604
You can get 5% discount using this code.
*All amount are in USD.
It cost me $19.03 for all the items excluded shipping fee. Shipping fee is being calculate based on weight and it cost me $9.74, which I find is a bit pricey. They also too don't ship invoice/order form only by email hence I don't remember what I ordered unless I check my email. Not forgetting it doesn't come with tracking and it will take 2 weeks to reach your door step.
Avocado Cheese Cream $1.09
If you had tried doritos before it tasted EXACTLY like it. It is salty with no hint of cheese. I'm guessing they used avocado oil to fry it since it says it used avocado oil.

Umaibo $0.17
A small round long cylinder corn snack with selected flavor. I had Shrimp and Mayonnaise, Takoyaki, Tonkatsu sauce. They all almost tasted the same to me which is salty. Tonkatsu has a slight hint of sour tasted on it. So far I still prefer the original or cheese.

Jaga Choco $1.48
Chips covered in chocolate. I don't like it at all, period.

Cup Noodle in Cheese Curry $1.52
I'm dying to try it long ago and now finally I found it. I do add cheese in my instant ramen and I hope this taste as good as the ones I cooked.

Maxim Caramel Macchiato $2.00
Came in a box of 4. Not sure was it me that I add too much water that I can't taste any caramel in it.

Kit Kat Sweet Potato $5.22
I actually forgot I ordered this. I just want to try how sweet potato kit kat tasted like and this is from Okinawa. Limited edition a not, I'm not so sure. Japan sure has a lot of weird and quirky flavors.

Oreo Chocolate Bar in White Chocolate $2.52
This is so much cheaper than Kitkat, I wonder why. I tried it before and I love it. This is the reason why I ordered from this site. Milk from Hokkaido and it tasted delicious. I bought 2, for backup purpose. If you don't like milk, forget about getting this.

Can Pudding $1.08
I like pudding and want to try. Luckily it came in one piece. Imagine pudding in broken pieces, yup that's how the drink is like. It's not sweet but just hint of sugary milky cameral taste lingering around.

Hello Kitty Macaroni $1.09
I bought it out of pure fun because of the shape. I actually want to get penis macaroni if I ever find it.

They only had 2 shapes instead of 3. Flower and Hello Kitty itself.

Comment down below if you bought anything from them! Cheers!

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