Sunday, 5 June 2016

Peel Off Charcoal Modeling Mask

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This is my first time trying PEEL OFF mask. I know this is going to be fun. Anskin Modeling Mask is a product from Korea. It can only be found in salon in the past but now it can be found in many places. Now you can do your own facial mask in your own comfort area.
My only complain was the shipping. I ordered it on 8 March 2016 and it only reaches me on 29 March 2016. More than 2 weeks of waiting time. When I opened it, it was heavily bubble wrapped. I was so glad with it. The powder itself was sealed in a bag in the bottle.
There are 9 different types of mask for you to choose from. I have oily skin hence I chose Charcoal as it helps to combat against it. The main ingredients are:
Charcoal Powder: Deep Cleansing, Absorb oil and dirt, Purify
Licorice: Moisturzing, Anti-inflammatory, Sooting, Antioxidant
Allantoin: Emollient (Do read my post on Nivea Post Shave Balm, it explain what is emollient.)
Sodium Hyaluronate: Retain moisture
As per instruction, ratio of powder to water is 1:0.8 however...I used 3 tablespoon of it with 7 spoonful of water. So I suggest you to add spoonful by spoonful of water and not everything at a shot. So mix everything together into a semi liquid consistency. Add a bit more water if you want to have more time to manipulate the mask. I would say to put on a thick layer so that it can be peeled easily without any extra effort.
It feel so cooling when I first applied it on face. At first I was worried that it will pull my hairs off so I was really careful around my eyebrow but don't worry it didn't happened even when I cover up my brows with it. It took less than 10 minute to dry completely but I left it on for another 10 minute to enjoy the cooling sensation. It doesn't feel uncomfortable on face.
before and after
Upon taking it off I can tell that my skin looks a tad brighter and rosier. The spot in between my eyebrow is less visible. My face feels cooling and moist at the same time. I knew I was already in love with it, making my skin feels so soft.


Find it here at:
I bought it at $17.90SGD inclusive of shipping but I think they have increase the price by $1SGD.

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