Sunday, 5 June 2016

Benefits of Witch Hazel

To be honest, I don't know there's a thing called "Witch Hazel".
When I first heard of it, I thought it might be some frictional character or it was referring to someone well known. I was 14. You can see how gullible I was then. When I grew older, I heard of "Witch Hazel" a lot...especially from someone overseas. Apparently "Witch Hazel" isn't that well known in Asia. So I want to know more about her...who is this "Witch Hazel".
She is pretty.

The more I read about her...I see hope. I am a victim of eczema. I cannot tell you how much it hurts and itch when it attacks. I'm in a state of agony. There's no cure for it. I still have scars left on my neck...even discolouration. It still attack me, even till now.
I applied her when I feel the pain, the itch, the sting. That's when I see a ray of light in the darkest of night. It helps to lighten my load and make me feel comfortable again. It soothes my neck.
It is useful because
  • Witch Hazel is a natural astringent which means it helps to contract/shrink the skin cell. It is use to help people with skin irritation. Astringent too helps in removing excess oil and it can prevent build up of sebum and blackheads.
  • It is a toner/cleanser that helps to reduce acnes. It can clarify skin and shrink the pores. A well known skincare product since thousands years ago in the west.
  • Stop Bleeding. Witch hazel tightens skin naturally and helps in healing making it a popular choice for cleansing wounds before bandaging.
  • Fight Aging. It can reduce swelling, redness, dryness, discoloration and also to tighten the skin.
  • Cleanse hair and protect scalp. It helps in reducing oil build up in the scalp hence making our hair shiny and much more moisturizing.
  • Prevent rashes and ingrown hairs because it has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps stop bleeding from the cuts and also prevent bacteria growth and infections within hair follicles, soothe razor burn, and prevent ingrown hairs from forming.
  • Heal hemorrhoids. Helps in inflammation and reduce of pain.
  • A natural deodorant.
  • Treating dry skin. It helps to lock in the moisture.
I can go on about it but if you realized...the main properties is to reduce oil and tighten the skin and also has inbuilt anti inflammatory properties. In a sense it can be use in almost everything and anything. HOWEVER, excess usage on skin may cause dehydration.
Many doesn't know Witch Hazel is used to make into medicine. You can taken it by mouth too. It helps in fever, diarrhea and cold, some even say tumor and cancer. Furthermore it's made 100% from plant.
One thing you have to know is has a distinct smell. It has a kind of herbal and alcohol scent to it however it may smell differently to you. Some find it disturbing and others such as myself find it bearable.
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