Sunday, 5 June 2016

What's my Colourpop Super Shock Shadows?

Whenever I speak of Colourpop it reminds me of...
Lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli
Lollipop lollipop.....
Call my baby lollipop~
So here we are! My very own Colourpop collections, in process that is! I can "feel" my friends especially Susan Chia rolling her eyes at this. But be sure to read my first post on colourpop!
I only had lucky 7 highly super shock, super pigmented colours as of now. I did swatches on my arms without a primer. I only did 1 swipe and the payoff is pretty awesome. I feel really comfortable wearing Colourpop partly because it's cruelty free. Plus I too want to support indie brand. Another major reason is because of the super inexpensive pricing and it's good quality. $5 for a pop man!
unnamed-5unnamed-6Let's talk about their packaging. It is cute with purple on the inside BUT one thing which I hate is that they did not print any name on the packaging. So if I were to order any similar shades and also helping others to get it, I will have to open it up to check.
They have a wider and deeper container cover with "screw" in system to prevent the shadows from drying out. Do close it tightly after using them so that to prolong their lifespan.
All shadows has a very mousse like texture upon touching it and it dry like powder. It's actually quite addictive to touch it because it is so buttery, squashy and soft like a play dough for adults, obviously. HA! And like my previous post, NO FALL OUT at all. Every shadows that they come in has a print on it unlike MAC where it's flat on top.
colourpop warm light
Lucky 7 swatches on my arm under warm white lighting. The only color that doesn't swatch as well as others is Hustle. As you can tell that it is a little patchy as compare to others.
Photo shown below are taken at a natural lighting state, it was around 3pm when I first took these photos.
get lucky front dayget lucky back
Get Lucky: A true metallic liquid gold. Pigmentation game is strong. But when I received it, it was broken but can be mend easily by pressing it hard. I did it over a kleenex.
get lucky
Get Lucky photo taken with day light lighting.
hanky panky front dayhanky panky back
Hanky Panky: Matte finishes. Pigmentation is pretty awesome but just because of my skin tone it sort of disappear on my arm. A prefect transition colour too. This is the second shadow that I found it a little patchy when I first swatch it.
hanky pankyHanky Panky photo taken with day light lighting.
animal front dayanimal backAnimal: Satin finishes. Pigmentation awesome. Seriously in love with this hot vibrant coral shade with a hint of gold flakes. Perfect for summer and spring usage but hell who cares? I'm gonna wear it everyday if I want to. Totally recommend this shade to whoever is into coral. My favorite.animal Animal photo taken with day light lighting.
cheeky front daycheeky backCheeky: Satin. I can just stop saying pigmentation is awesome because everyone who has eyes can see how awesome it is. It is much hush tone orange as compare to Animal. More towards on a peach tone. Photo above does not do justice for this colour, looks too orangey.
cheekyCheeky photo taken with day light lighting. This is much closer to actual swatch colour.
cop a feel front daycop a feel backCop A Feel: Matte. A very nude cool toned shade. Perfect highlight on people with fair skin.
cop a feelCop A Feel photo taken with day light lighting. This is too, a closer actual colour swatches as compare.
mitten front daymittens backMittens: Matte. A deep warm brown with a hint of red in it. One side of the shadow almost seemed detach from the pan as shown on photo. Lucky it did not came broken as Get Lucky.mittensMittens photo taken with day light lighting. It can be seen there's a hint of red clearly.
hustle front dayHustle backHustle: Satin. More of a brownish merlot shade. A very similar colour based on first look with Mittens.You have to pat it on a few times to have a deeper rich look. It doesn't swatch as well as the previous. It is the most chalky among all when I first swatch. hustleHustle photo taken with day light lighting. Very obvious purple tone as compare to the first photo.
colourpop white light inner arm
Ignore my grounded wristband. I have a habit of wearing it. The photo is taken under white lighting on the inner part of my arm.
colourpop outer arm
This is taken on the outer part of my arm, if that make any sense. I did it because of the different tone colour and also for the sake of fun. I had a fun time swatching it to be honest.
unnamed-3 I can tell purple is the signature colour of Colourpop. And I too thank YOU for creating this awesomeness products.unnamed-4A handwritten "post" card. Very awesome and touching. At least they care about us.unnamed Another card that they sent. unnamed-2Duh Tah! The "cheat sheet" card on how to best apply.
super shock shadows
Oh don't forget to look out for my lippix stick swatch post next!