Sunday, 5 June 2016

Setting Powder VS Finishing Powder

Many people are confused on "Setting" and "Finishing" Powder. I know I was. I was gullible (Big Surprise).
It is because some companies don't clarify the difference on the packaging and some of the "artists" behind the counter don't even know. And sadly, some of the youtube beauty gurus don't even know the difference either. (Do watch Nail Polish As Lipstick?! | Chit Chat Time it explain why NOT to trust all of them.)
Setting power does what its name implies which is to set makeup in place so that the foundation wouldn't move. It too helps to prolong the makeup and matte out the shine that you do not want to have.


Finishing powder is used AFTER setting powder to defuse fine lines, wrinkles and pores. (It is best use on TV but NOT for photography.)
Actress Coke Face
I bet you have seen these photos before. These are known as "Coke Face". Too much of finishing powder does this to you. It look flawless in naked eyes but when a strong photography flash hits on...this is what happened. Finishing powder has either titanium dioxide or zinc oxide in them. These contain an opaque white mineral and will leave a white cast on the skin.
If you use it on a normal daily basic, just dust a little and blend it well OR just try not to take a flash photography.
PS: HD Powder is also a Finishing Powder only with a fancy name.

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