Wednesday, 1 February 2017


First day of (makeup) school, you defiantly will feel excited and had sleepless night. Who isn't excited for school? Not me for sure.

Frankly speaking, I've started preparing for the school, months ahead.

The best thing to do first is to check with your friends if anyone attended any makeup school, don't be afraid to ask them questions. I have been bugging my friends about the school I went to and they gave me a lot of tips and tricks and what to expect during classes. What kind of problems they've faced etc. Head online and google for information and this is why I am writing this post. To help you to pick the right school and make good choices. Because I can't find any worthy information about it.

Secondly, read up on the school that you want to enroll in. Such as if they are recognition from the makeup industry etc.

Third, is it worth it? What do you want to study for? To improve your own set of skill or to get that certificate? This helps you to pick the right school.

Fourth, ask the receptionist who is going to teach you and how is it like (consider that you have already picked the school).

Fifth, put some money aside. You don't know what else you need to buy the next minute. Cosmetics doesn't come cheap.

Now, I am going to tell you the things I've faced in school and they are not all pleasant. At least I am honest.

Receptionists and sales personnel are friendly and super helpful. Environment in school are clean, neat and tidy.

Classmates are great. I still keep in contact with some of them. However I am not pleased on how I was treated while studying - by the teacher.

Not only he insulted me verbally, he too bullied me in class. Sad to see someone does not even behave like a 50 year old man. He is childish and a bully. He basically find joy in salting people's wounds.

Incident 1:

I asked a question "What's the difference in soft putty and wax" and the answer I received were, "Why do you want to compare a t-shirt and trousers" in a sarcastic tone. If I were to know the answer I wouldn't have asked. However I do know but just want to reconfirm my confirmation.

Incident 2:

Same goes for my other classmates. They do not understand what is a moodboard, not only he is rude and unhelpful he said "moodboard is a moodboard". 

Incident 3:

This is one incident I will remember dearly. He insult my model for her weight by calling her "an elephant" in front of everyone (models, other makeup artists and staffs) during makeup artistry competition multiple times. How does it look to the school? He insult his own student's work and choice. He is someone who teaches beauty. Not only he put down my model's confident and pride is he too trying to put me down because of my choice? He promotes bullying and does not have a proper conduct like a teacher should have.

Incident 4:

Countless of times he insulted/bullied my classmates. Deeming some of them couldn't be a makeup artist. He is in no position to do that to a person let alone his own student. Instead of boosting their confident he is putting them down instead. Many of them are afraid to speak out and many thinks "I just have to bear for three months and I won't see him again". How many more students will suffer after this? How many more people he will put down?

Despite I've encountered a miserable old bat, I do hope you will find a good school and good teacher. For those who wants to know which school I've been to? It is Cosmoprof Academy. I too hope you did find something informative in this post and GOOD LUCK!