Thursday, 18 August 2016

Kat Von D: Lock It Foundation

I have waited for so long.
I have waited for so long for Kat Von D. 

I have no confident in buying foundation over the website. 
I'm just so glad it came and I can FINALLY try the foundation first hand without any screw ups.

It cost $56 for 30ml. It wasn't as expensive as compare to the other brands, it is still affordable. You don't need to use a lot for this particular foundation and I will tell you guys why down below. So keep on reading!

I actually love their packaging. There's a modern gothic feel to it which is the signature of Kat Von D's. Some curves, rose, black and gothic. The bottle is designed in a way that it will never get in contact with the air, to prevent it from contamination and maintain the formula consistency. 

I love the design of the "lock" and at the same time it is a very troublesome lock. You have to pull it open to use the pump and clip it back once you are done. So if you lost it, that's it.

One thing I love about that it can prevent from accidental pumping while it is kept in a bag as the lock isn't too easy to dismantle. 

I have been dying to try this foundation as it is known for 24 hours wear and matte finish. Best of all? Super high coverage as this is cater to cover up tattoos! 

One awesome thing about Kat Von D Beauty that it is CRUELTY FREE! Kudos to it!

Lock It Foundation is super creamy, thick and pigmented as this is deprived from the mindset to cover up tattoos hence the coverage is surreal. You don't need a lot to mask all of your face. A little goes a long way. 

I used it with my Sigma Flat Angeled Kabuki F88 for the first round. I do see some streaks when I brush it across my cheeks. However I do find that it's better to use it with a wet beauty blender instead. It made the foundation looks more like skin.

The product dries up quick hence it's advisable to apply a small portion of your face first. I love this foundation because it dries up matte too. 

This is my face at 3am when I just applied. Please don't asked me why I do this at a weird timing because I'm probably still quite awake and trying to find something to do at this holy hour. 

I'm someone who doesn't like wearing foundation and I showed to a couple of friends and they too said it looks natural as if I'm not wearing any foundation and my skin is looking great. Like I said earlier, I'm someone who hates wearing foundation hence I still felt I've something on my face despite I've only put on less than a pump. 

I took another photo at 4am. There's tad of oiliness on my nose however it still stay matte for the rest of my face. Normally my nose and cheeks will be greasy after 30min. So far, this foundation is amazing. It still look natural on me. 

Beside setting powder, I did not put on any contour or highlighter. 
I had eyebrow, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick on. 
Frankly I too want to see how well this foundation can last at the corner of my left eye. 

I slept for 5 hours and this is taken at 9am. The most greasy part of my face is the nose followed by my cheeks. However it is still not as greasy as the other brands I've used.

Area under the eyes seemed to cake as I did add a little bit more of the foundation to cover up my dark circles. There's no sign of wearing off beside the area at the corner of my tears where I teared. 

Not so sure was it just me, I find that my 9am face looks much brighter than 3am. Looks even more like skin with the shine. 

If you're curious, I'm using Medium Netural 54. I'm somewhere in between Medium Netural 53 and 54. 53 is a tad pinkish as compare to 54 which is a tad yellowish. 54 looks much closer to my skin and natural as 53 doesn't match up to my neck/shoulder colour. 

I will make a video about Kat Von D's Lock It Foundation. It truly recommend you to get it and try it on yourself. It's pretty awesome. 

Still super stroked to meet her! Yes, I'm vlogging! Do keep your eyes peeled!