Monday, 27 February 2017


Hello! Welcome back to my blog! I haven't been writing for the longest time! I do apologize for that. Too many things and stuff to do. Not forgetting, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! I do hope you had an enjoyable holiday.

Today I'm bringing you Althea Haul! It is one of the largest Korean online store. I was whining about Memebox months and months ago and now I found something similar. I'm so glad.

This is somewhat similar like a meme box, birch box or sephora playbox. The price of this gorgeous box is just only $42SGD. Wait, I am not done yet. They come in FULL sizes products. 

This time I bought the MERMAID BOX. How can I say NO to mermaid when they are my all time favorite? 

It says, it's a must have for mermaid's dewy skin. Oh god, who doesn't wants it? Every good skin begins with good hydration. I did mention a few times on my blog post, no matter what kind of skin types you are. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate.

So this is my face upon receiving the parcel. Couldn't even see my eyes because I am smiling ever so much. I also did a video on this. You can watch me unbox or read it however I suggest you to do both.

$42SGD is a lot of money however the usual price is $241SGD. Technically we saved $200 but spent $42, irony. With $42, you get S E V E N items. Yes 7. It is a bargain. I get to try new products and brands. Win win situation. And they are FULL SIZED not sample size. I repeat, $42 for 7 full size items.

They wrapped up the box itself with bubble wrapped and even for the items in it. Do check out my video for that. 

I received both skincare and beauty products. Does hair product consider under beauty? To be honest, I do not know 4 brands out of 6.

Son & Park Beauty Water. 
I like this packaging. Very classy and elegant. Too bad it's not glass bottle but plastic.
The usual price is $39.
It IS a toner despite them saying this is a cleansing and toning product. 
Toner is the last step to cleanse the skin, for your information. Many thought it's the first step to skincare. I did made that mistake but no more.

Chica Y Chico Urban Princess Mask in Aqua.
Frankly speaking, I'm quite confuse about their packaging. Urban Princess and Aqua "flavored" mask? I can only make out this mask is good for hydration since it says AQUA and a ton of water image on the packaging.

Another Chica Y Chico product. Skinglow Essence.
Usual price is $47. I'm told this is the LINK between toner and cream hence this should use after toner but before cream products. However packaging says it's Essence hence it is obvious the first step to skincare. Water product absorb much easier than cream product. It helps in brightening so I have to try and see the magic for myself.

Rire Lucent White Pearl Cream.
Usual price $58. I'm pretty sure it is a whitening product since it says PEARL. It has cute packaging too, in a shape of a pearl and comes a cute spoon shape spatula.

Witch's Pouch Real Skin Moisture Ampoule Base.
Usual retail price cost $42.
This remind me of Guerlain L'OR Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold Primer.

CFC Lab Argan Glow Hair Oil
Usual price $40.
It helps to smooth and moisture the hair with a sweet scent attached to it. I have to try it out to know that.

Tony Moly Lumious Goddess Aura Crystal Light
This reminds me of Benefit High Beam. Highlight the highest point of face. Or you may bathe in this if you want to.

Overall I think Althea is a great way to try out a ton of items at a good price. There are a ton of boxes for you to choose from, skincare to beauty products.

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