Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Face Slimming Tool: Gold T Bar

This may be one of my weird beauty product and it is famous in Japan and Taiwan. Surprise...surprise. FACIAL SLIMMING PRODUCT!

This is a 24K face massaging tool. Using nanometer technology to help massage your face by vibrating 6000 times a minute which provides enough stimulation to the facial muscles for firming effects and by firming I meant skin tightening and lifting. It ALSO claims to provide skin whitening benefit. Do not take my words for it if you can't see any whitening effects as I cannot attest to it, too. 

It helps to reduce wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. If you suffer from sagging cheeks, water retention and puffiness it does the magic and the result will be shown immediately upon using it. Did I mention it also help in facial blood circulation too? 

It is waterproof and operate by one AA battery, of course battery is not included when you purchase this vibrator. Just undress the "switch" and penetrate it with the battery and it will work (NC17).
It's pretty easy to use however I would suggest to use it only after your skincare routine as it too helps the skin to absorb more products. Do put on a tad more face moisturizer as it helps it to glide on smoothly without any tagging. 

Hold the tool near the bottom to get maximum effects. You should not use any force while gliding it across the cheek. Normally I like to use it at night before I put on facial mask to end things, of course you can use it while you are in shower as it's waterproof.  

First, place it on the forehead and glides it towards your hairline. This is to omit heavy and furrow brow lines.

Second, place it at the side and glides it towards the hairline moving in a diagonally upwards motion. Say BYE to crow's feet. 

Third, I like to let it sits under my eye for 10 - 20 seconds to minus out my eye bag.

Fourth, place it next to the nose and glides it towards the hairline moving in curve upward motion as shown by the arrow as I don't need any sunken cheeks.

Fifth, place it at the smile line and do the same motion as step four or you can let it sit for a good 10 second before massaging.

Sixth, place it at your jowl and glides it in an upward motion towards the center of the ear.


Seventh, place it under assume turkey chin and glide in a downwards direction. 

Always massage from the top to the bottom as it too helps with the blood circulation towards the heart. I did took a before and after but I am going to show you people one side of my face, first.

They are both left side of my gorgeous face but I flipped my "before" photo to match the "after". I can immediately tell that I have a less visible eye bag and smile line and side of my face looks a tad slimmer. I too have a much sharper jowl.

I massaged each set for 20 times and of course you can do more. However I must warn you that it feels so ticklish due to the vibration. If you are confuse about how to massage your face don't worry and just remember this method, massage everything in an UPWARD diagonally motion towards the hairline/ear and hold that ending position for a couple of second and continue. 

After using it, clean it with a kleenex and store it in your drawer, very simple. I do hope you will find joy in using it!

You can get it here at S$10 excluding shipping fees. 

I will make a video about it when I bought a new hard disk...because my old one went crazy and my current laptop doesn't have enough space.