Saturday, 15 April 2017

5 Beauty Tools for Beginners

With good products comes with greater responsibility.

Okay, I am exaggerating.

Oh wait, maybe I am not.

Okay I am kidding but it will make your routine easier and better. I started out knowing nothing but it was through years of trial and error that it has become my staple items.

The very first item is non other than...Beauty Blender. Not only it is easy to apply and blend for you effortlessly, it too feels comforting. It is therapeutic. The only downside is the pricing. It cost $20USD for this one egg but don't worry, I gotchu covered.

Real Technique is another popular choice. It is comparable with Beauty Blender and cheaper. It only cost $6.99USD and works just as well. However it is not as colorful as the former. They are both able to use wet and dry.

The second item that I have to intro is Blending Brush. I would say this is the most important tool for the eyes. It helps to apply and diffuse products on the lid as easy as ABC. This is the product where most doesn't realise the important of owning it. Makeup Geek brushes is one of the best brushes that I've come across and it's at a reasonable price. This soft dome blending brush only cost $8.50USD and I owned at least 3 of them which tells you I use it very often.

Duo Fibre Brush is a multi purpose brush. You can use it for foundation to blusher and needless to say you can achieve an air brush effect without any effort at all. Super duper easy for beginners. Makeup Geek is selling it at $10USD. Did I mention it can use on liquid, powder and cream products as well?

The most understate is The Eyelash Curler. The only rule to remember is to curl before you apply mascara. You do not want accidentally chop off your beautiful lashes after you set it. 

The last tool is...

Your Hand. The only thing that it can't do is to curl your lashes with it. Okay that was a joke. You can, with your pinky finger.

I too had a video on how to wash your brushes do check it out!